Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hello again -

I am sorry for not posting these photos earlier. But life has been really busy since Marny left. Unfortunately the pictures were uploaded in a mix of dates - but I think that is okay.

We all have enjoyed Marny's visit so much, I haven't giggled like this in ages. I know we did wear her out at times. But there was so little time and so much to show. I had planned to take her to Strassbourg and the Rhinefalls, but both trips were cancelled by the bus company. Memo: on the list for next visit...

We did go to the Black Forrest ( a must when in the area) and we went to an outdoor museum in Hessen (my home state). There we spend the holidays with my family. She got to see downtown Frankfurt.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and when you come near the Black Forrest, contact me - it will be ma pleasure to meet you!

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