Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... how to describe breakfast!!! Oh my, oh my!! The breads alone are worth the trip! LOL

Jutta thinks I remember everything ... and as hard as I try, I can´t seem to journal daily.

Walking the hills and dales and steps of Israel are beyond words -- my knee and legs might never forgive me. I told the Israel group that "when I get home I am never walking again and will hire a limo to pick me up at the front door and take me to my garage!!!"

Almost drowning in The Dead Sea was a scare ... and even more scary was that a friend asked two skinny young men to help me -- I felt like a whale being hauled out of the sea. Grateful, that´s for sure ... and I wanted to meet Jutta and Kalle.

Today Kalle drove us to the Black Forest and I took pictures through the car windows from one side to the other ... and even through the glass top of the car!!! Everything has been a treat to my eyes, as was the Black Forest dessert a treat for my stomach!

Jutta and I stood in the snow and made snowballs ... as Kalle took pictures ... and we quickly returned to the warmth of the car ... as the dashboard let us know how really cold it was outside. Brrrrrrrrr ... plus a bit of rain and low-flying clouds. The curves of the uphill and downhill roads were a bit frightening but we were trusting that Kalle would get us to the safety of home. Whew!

The supermarket was full of foods and labels that should have kept me there for hours but dinner was being planned and we were out the door in good time for the short trip back to home and a delicious dinner, prepared by dear Jutta.

Tzping on a kezboard in German is certainlz challenging ... as zou might see that the z and y are in strange places. LOL

OK :::waving::: I am signing off for now ... Jutta can fill in the rest of our day!!

Gentle as you go,

Friday, March 26, 2010

-<-@ Welcome to Germany -<- @->-
Finally Marny arrived- what an emotional moment at the Frankfurt Airport!

Her flight landed and we were waiting at the gate. As people came out, reading my sign, they smiled. Oh - was I excited. As she came through the gate I held my sign up high and we both had tears in our eyes. I am glad my hubby Kalle took pictures. I would have forgotten all about them.

We were laughing, giggling, talking - all the way home! Since it was late, we stopped to have her first meal in Germany - at McDonald's.

At home we talked and laughed and giggled some more. At 0:30 am we went to bed - exhausted but very, very happy.

Unfortunately it started raining - so we will take it slow and easy today. She did so much walking in Israel.

This is going to be so much fun having her here with me.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today is the Day!!!

Today is THE DAY- Marny will arrive to Germany. I am so excited!!! Everything is all set. Did I forget anything???

Just unbelievable - after writing on and off for 10 years we will finally meet in person.

I just wrote the sign for the airport to make sure we will recognize each other. I must admit I was calm until just then. While I was writing my blood pressure went up and just imagining her reading the sign - tears are bluring my vision. Yes - I am emotional - very emotional now. All sorts of thoughts race through my head... what if she does not like me (she was worried about that before she left the USA). Now I start to thinking the same way. I want it all to be so very nice and perfect. Just added getting flowers for her to my list.

I keep thinking of all places I want her to see, friends and family I want her to meet and and and... I can't loose the feeling I am forgetting something - but what??? Hmm ...

I better get ready and do some grocery shopping or she will be starving and even worse loose weight while in Germany. That has never happened before (at least not at my house) and could cause an international incident - no way!!!

Only 10 more hours ...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

5 more days

Hello everyone -

hope Marny made it to Israel okay. I have not heard from her. You know what they say - no news is good news. I know she wrote me down for contact during her travel, in case she runs into problems. I am sure she is having the time of her life.

I did send her a note to the hotel she is staying. The hotel secretary replied, Marny will get the note when she checks in. I hope I surprised her again :-)

I have to get a move on the spring cleaning, I decided to do before Marny arrives. Tomorrow I will arrange everything in her room, set up the stand for trying bobbin lace, print out the itinerary for her time in Germany...

I am so excited - we first started writing online 2002 - only 5 more days and I can hug her in person - unbelievable...